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Google Drive Instructions

Clarifying: Google Drive Drive is Storage. You keep files in Drive. Any File. It can be pictures, movies, whatever. Google Drive stores the file and allows you to access the file from any computer, phone, tablet. It’s just like your “my documents” folder. Only synced between devices. Google Files (docs, presentations, etc.) reside in Google [...]

Group Professional Development Activity DNqS5L

Professional Development Information Activity: Principal/Assistant Principal's Meeting 10/18/16School Year: 2016Hours: 3Description of Activity: Principal/Assistant Principal's Meeting on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at the Board of Education.Comments (if relevant): Attachments: Claim Credit with Coupon Code Please login to view this page.

AUP Click Here Purpose Access and use technology to support learning Help prepare students for success Parents can decide not to let their child use the technology. Defining Use Respect and protect privacy of others use only your account and password keep passwords and information private Respect and protect security Report problems to [...]

New Annual Trainings

We are beginning the process of moving all annual compliance trainings to this Academy site. As of August 2016, we will not longer use Public School Works for annual trainings. Instead, select the course from the menu above. We are moving these trainings for cost reasons. Also, the reporting feature is easier to use in [...]

Personal Leave Requirements

Certified Personal Leave Requirements Personal leave is authorized for urgent personal business which cannot be scheduled outside regular school hours. Urgent personal business does NOT include recreation, shopping, seeking employment, other employment, pleasure trips, accompanying someone on a business or pleasure trip, extending a holiday or vacation, or other similar activities. The Superintendent, or his/her [...]

Hamilton City Schools 403(b) and 457 Plan Employee Universal Availability Notice

Hamilton City Schools provides eligible employees the opportunity to voluntarily save for your retirement.  The Plan allows you to make pre-tax, or if available in the plan document post-tax Roth contributions, to a 403(b) or 457 savings account to help you save for retirement. All employee contributions are made through salary reduction and employees are [...]

Group Professional Development Activity 8wx6av

Professional Development Information Activity: Principal & Assistant Principal Meeting: May 4 and 5School Year: 2016Hours: 3Description of Activity: Our monthly meeting of principals and assistant principals. Agenda: Principal Agenda Comments (if relevant): Attachments: Claim Credit with Coupon Code Please login to view this page.

The quick howto on Student Registration

Objective(s) Demonstrate how parents create accounts in the district's https://forms.hcsdoh.net website. Demonstrate how parents register students on. Demonstrate how Hamilton employees complete the online registration. Requirements Chromebooks. Of which a few should be delivered to each front office. Internet connectivity Various other documents used for registration (proof of residency, etc.). All form activity happens at [...]