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The purpose of this guide is cover how to use this site. Our academy site performs the following functions:

  1. Hosts Individual Professional Development Plans
  2. Hosts Continuing Education Credits for Educators.
  3. Hosts district training (Courses).

The academy site replaces PD Express.

Please note: Before doing anything within the site you are required to login with Google Apps for Education Credentials.

How to Create an IPDP

  1. Click on the MyPDL link.
  2. Select “create IPDP”
  3. Complete the form fields.

After submitting the IPDP, it will stay in a cue until the LPDC committee approves or disapproves the IPDP. To view your approved IPDP, simply click on the “view IPDP”.

Submit an Already Approved IPDP (temporary)

You will save your IPDP from PDExpress as a PDF and upload it to the MyPDL site.

How to Propose an Activity

  1. Click on the MyPDL link.
  2. Select “Propose an Activity”
  3. Complete the form fields.
You have three ways to obtain CEU credit. It’s important to understand the differences.

An Activity I personally completed

This is an activity you attended outside of normal district PD. For example, you attend a professional conference and received a certificate of attendance. You would attach the certificate as proof of attendance.

A group of people with the district

Select this option if you are running a PD within the district. For example, a Principal Meeting or any district sponsored PD.

You will be sent a confirmation of PD approval and a coupon code to retrieve the CEU for the PD.

An uploaded transcript (temporary).

This is the method we transfer your current CEUS out of PD Express.

How to Take a Course

  1. Select “Courses”. Search for the course you which to take. Click on the course.
  2. Click “Join Course”

Alternatively, you may be sent a direct URL for the course.

Note: Once you join a course, it will appear in your “My Dashboard”.